The organizer seeds all participants from top to bottom on individual basis then determines if there shall be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 grades pending the standard of all participants to provide a well balance competition.


 The organizer determines the make up of each team (3 players) in each grade, attempting the make the teams as even as possible.


 It’s expected all players will wear the Butterfly or MSTT brand) shirt each week. Jeans, white shorts or shorts with bright checks/patterns are not permitted.


 A white 3 STAR ball will be supplied, by the organizer.


 A score sheet will be supplied by the organizer to all matches. Score Sheets must be filled out completely, giving full surnames of players, correct adding up of games, points and players individual performances.


 Starting time is 7.30pm sharp. If no member of a team is ready to play by 7:40pm the first match shall be forfeited. The second match shall be forfeited by 7:50pm or at the finish of the first match, whichever is the later. A player is still eligible to play in later matches even though they may have forfeited earlier provided they are ready to play when their next match is due. If no member of a team is ready to play by 8pm the whole team match shall be forfeited.


 Team matches normally are completed between 9:15 – 9:30pm. Tables are booked until 10:00 which includes putting all equipment (tables, nets & barriers) away.


 Tables are booked from 6:30 to allow participants to practice before matches commence at 7:30. Once the first match has commenced there shall be no warm up before each match starts.


 The ball needs to be thrown up from the palm of hand, minimum 15cm, before making contact with bat. The height of the net is 15cm. The ball must be visible to the opponent at all times during the service action.


 A game/set is completed when a player reaches 11 points first or, if score reaches 10-10, gains an advantage by two points. Players have two serves each but if score reaches 10-10 then each player will have one serve each until someone has won the game/set.

 11. A MATCH

 A match is completed when a player wins two games/sets.


 No timeouts permitted. Likewise, no coaching is permitted to any player in between each game/set of a match.


 Both doubles matches will play to the full three sets with each team member playing two sets in each match plus playing with different team mates in each set. This is to ensure the maximum amount of matches is played by all, meaning all 6 sets are played out. The winner shall be the team which has won the most games/sets in total for the two matches. If games/sets are even (3-3) then a count back on points will be conducted. The winning team will be recorded as winning two matches. If the points are even then both team shall gain one point each. This creates an overall team winner on the night as eleven matches would have been completed and recorded. If a team has only two players on the night then they can play all six sets but only two sets (one from each match) can be officially recorded.


 The organizer will attempt to find a suitable fill-in player for anyone who cannot play on any week - the more notice given to the organizer, the more chance of finding a suitable fill-in. Alternatively, player’s can find their own fill-in player but must be approved by the organizer. If the fill-in performs above expectations, it is possible their matches will not be officially recorded therefore winning matches may be recorded as lost matches.


 If at the completion of the final round, two sides finish equal on wins & losses, then a count back of matches won over matches lost will be undertaken to separate teams involved. If the teams are still equal, a count back on games won over games lost will be undertaken to separate teams involved. If teams are still equal, a count back on points won, over points lost, will be undertaken.


 If any match is unable to be finished due to unavoidable circumstances (light failure, fire, etc) the following rule shall apply – “If any game is in progress at the time of match disruption the player leading at the time of the disruption shall be awarded the match. Any un-played matches shall be evenly divided and all matches already played shall stand.